BĐS nghỉ dưỡng Nha Trang - nhà đầu tư ráo riết săn đón

09:30 28/06/2017

The provincial administration has repeatedly discussed this issue and identified a real estate market that wants to develop on a sustainable basis, social housing is a very important segment.

Mr. Quy advised clients before the "money down" must know the information about the project as well as the investor, avoid disputes later.

This situation adversely affect the prestige of investors as well as real estate brokerage floor, causing the confidence of customers in the Vinpearl Villas real estate market erode, create public opinion. Well, thus affecting the development of the market area.

Khanh Hoa Real Estate Association has repeatedly asked members of associations, real estate trading floors and brokers who are doing business in Nha Trang to raise their professional awareness. Comply with the law on real estate business through which Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa market development more sustainable and professional.

- For customers who want to invest in this market, what advice do you have?

For customers, before deciding to "downgrade" for a real estate product, it is necessary to go to Khanh Hoa Construction Department or bất động sản nghỉ dưỡng Phú Quốc to get information about the project as well as the owner. Private project, avoid future disputes.

Should support or commit to business and people peace of mind

- It seems that the Nha Trang real estate market is developing strongly in condotel, while social housing is seriously lacking?

Proving that in recent years, the province has many preferential policies for enterprises investing in social housing.

Nonetheless, Hoang Quan has invested 1,000-2,000 apartments, PH also invested more than 1,000 apartments ... All of these products are well received and ordered by the people, but now the package is 30,000 billion. Finally, somehow obstructing people's access.

Through this program, we recommend that the management should have preferential policies for social housing can reach the people.

- As a manager do you notice many cases where investors have difficulty due to lack of funds?

Yes! When investors deploy social housing, we must recognize the mind and bravery of the owner. In the context of economic difficulties, the commercial interest rates and social housing have a great difference, many businesses have saved themselves and save their customers by sacrificing profitability. much.